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Facing wiring problems?

Get all your wiring solutions under one roof!

Wiring solutions for extensive industrial  applications

Make your neighborhood free from ugly electric poles and wires and improve the landscape. Get a subterranean distribution system or underground electrical distribution system for your area. What's more, subterranean distribution systems will protect your electrical distribution network from bad weather and vegetation.


Need HVAC control wiring for your business or your home? Contact our experts. We'll complete the wiring project within your time and budget specifications!

Hire site-trained personnel for hazardous waste remediation

Do you need to dispose hazardous materials? We'll safely collect, package, transport, and dispose or recycle a wide range of regulated wastes and hazardous materials. You don't have to worry about PCBs, lead, mercury and other chemicals anymore.

Cabling services for your business

  • Dedicated lines

  • Data cabling

  • Termination for fiber optic cables

Do you need to install industrial equipment

and devices?

Get experienced electrical contractors for your installations. We install a wide range of industrial equipment — from electrical fixtures to solar panels.

Install dedicated lines for improving connectivity.




Get more information about subterranean distribution systems.



Outsource your maintenance and labor

to SAVE money

Sign a maintenance service contract with us and we'll take care of all your equipment and devices. Do you need contract labor for a project? Get in touch with us for all your outsourcing needs. You'll be able to focus on the main activities of your business and SAVE money on fixed salaries, too!